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Educational aims

  • Acquiring a practical knowledge of the classroom and of the management of the same one.
  • Knowing and to apply the processes of interaction and communication in the classroom and to dominate the skills and social necessary skills to promote a climate of classroom that facilitates the learning and the conviviality.
  • Controlling and doing the follow-up of the educational process and especially that of education - learning by means of the domain of the skills and necessary strategies.
  • Relating theory and practice to the reality of the classroom and of the center.
  • Taking part in the educational activity and learning to be able to do, acting and thinking from the practice.
  • Taking part in the offers of improvement in the different areas of action that could be established in a center.
  • Regulating the processes of interaction and communication in groups of 6-12-year-old students.
  • Knowing forms of collaboration with the different sectors of the educational community and of the social environment.
  • Dominating the TIC in the area of the matter.
  • Managing the information adequately.
  • Communicating correctly of oral, written form and by means of other resources in the area of the matter.
  • Solving problems in the development and with relation to the practice.
  • Organizing and planning the own actions and with the others.
  • Being employed at team.
  • Demonstrating ethical commitment with the addressees of the educational action.